Since 1902

Charles Edward Gerken and John R. Galpin became partners and founded Galpin & Gerken, an upholstery company specializing in repairing and reupholstering furniture. The company was located on Washington Street in Toledo, Ohio.


Norwalk identifies emerging textile trends to share these inspired themes with you.


Recognized throughout the home furnishings industry for its energetic and lively fabric collection, Norwalk Furniture’s Cabana collection includes a variety of festive fabrics with a cheerful assortment of upbeat color combinations. Mint greens, hot pinks, cerulean blues and ruby reds combine to create an animated mix with a variety of cheerful floral patterns and multiple textures.

Green Envy

Echoing nature-inspired hues, Green Envy pulls in deeper shades of emerald, shamrock and pickle for the framework of this trend. Darker green tones are paired with mustard and dandelion tones, while lighter shades like pickle softly interplay with light violets including periwinkle and lavender.


Highlighting the Scandinavian-hip aesthetic and masterful color mixing of the Kim Salmela for Norwalk Furniture Collection, this trend combines menswear-inspired textiles and mixed scale layouts to create a relaxed, casual feel. Plaids and stripes in soft rose and blue colorways merge with rich mustard tones and black accents for a crisp look.


As spice tones continue to dominate, they will see a refreshing twist this spring. Tannery, presents cinnamon, nutmeg and turmeric hues anchored with brown undertones that take this theme to an earthier palette.

Easy Does It

Inspired by everyday life, Norwalk Furniture is introducing two new performance concepts that are not only family-friendly but offer a variety of pattern, texture and color. Purely Protected® leathers are light tolerant, scratch and soil resistant. In addition, 50 new Inside Out® fabrics join the fabric portfolio with premier ratings for light fastness, soil resistance and a broad range of designs.

Gray Scale

Grayscale as a single-word photography term, refers to the range of blackness or whiteness- thus grayness- that a photographer has used to develop their image. But as a home furnishings term we use the two words to reference the predominance of the many shades of gray that play a key role in contemporary home décor. It’s been a couple seasons since Norwalk has shown a collection of these popular tones. This season our focus is on the more silver-toned gray family. We’ve mixed they grays with complex shades of blue that range from fog to powder. These shades of blue morph and play with light as their gray partners deepen or lighten their hue. Together they create a calm and restful décor.

Ebony & Ivory

Black and white, and shades thereof, have never been more popular. While the gray palette of colors still reigns supreme on the home furnishings landscape, the more graphic and saturated nature of black and white is finding renewed popularity. As for white, the predominance of high-performance soil resistant fabrics is driving the confidence of consumers to use ever brighter whites in their primary decorative schemes. Contrasted and often outlined with black, these interiors feature saturated colors in an endless rainbow of playful hues, that create lively, colorful, and at times quite playful environments.


Shades of green from bright Kelly to soft Moss have rarely been more popular. And old taboos against mixing greens are being broken with new and energetic results. Rooted subliminally in the “green movement” and more consciously in a desire for a more relaxed living and decorating style, the look is bright, sunny, and highly floral and foliage oriented. Last season, we featured our Toast & Tea green/brown collection, and this season, we take a more vivid approach to green by combining a range of hues with mid-toned grays in our Conservatory collection. The collection is happy and upbeat in its vibe.

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